I want to share the followng email response with you that I recently sent out. It will explain a few things.   The short story of "The Farmer and the Wild Pigs" (My version) is worth reading.--Jack

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There is no name given or where you are located.  I have no idea who you are or if you are an attorney, judge, magistrate, clerk, and or an officer of a court or enforcement agency,


Anyway, have you heard of the story about "The farmer and the wild pigs"?  The farmer created a holding pen or coral to keep pigs in.  Now he needed some way of getting the wild pigs into his pen.  He knew it was nearly impossible to capture the wild pigs.  So he needed some brilliant way for the pigs to wonder in on their own.  What he did is put some feed on the ground in the woods near his place.  The wild pigs saw the corn and began to eat.  Although hesitant at first, the wild pigs felt safe and free with no one around.  Each day the farmer dropped more corn on the ground but a little closer to the coral.  Eventually, the farmer was putting the corn on the ground inside the coral with the gate open.  The wild pigs didn't see any problem.  They were accustomed to eating the farmers corn.  It is the same corn they have been eating and it tastes so good.  So the wild pigs came inside the pen regularly to eat what the farmer put out.  Eventually the farmer closed the gate and the wild pigs no longer had their freedom.  The wild pigs realized they were trapped in the farmers pen and no longer felt free.  They wanted to get out but now it was too late.  One by one they were slaughtered by the butcher.  The smart farmer accomplished his objective and had plenty to eat although it cost him some corn initially.


That is the way it is with the so-called government.  The public officials were initially put into office as servants to the people.  The officials operating within the government began to provide benefits from the treasury.  The people got use to accepting such benefits and now find themselves captured by the same government they created to protect themselves.


Free Delivery:  Initially the people went to a post located usually in the center of town to receive their mail or read what was put on the post.  Due to the elements, the post was put inside a building of some sort and became known as the "Post" office.  The Post office was where people were to pick up their mail or read "posted" notices.  Eventually, the Post office officials decided to bring the mail to every front door of each office or home or somewhere near by.  This service or benefit was initially free and at no extra cost to the people.  This cost the Post office some money initially but after they got everyone to accept the "free delivery, they raised the Postage rates to cover the increased costs of delivering the mail to each home and business.  The people have now accepted a benefit which in return makes the people subject to its jurisdiction and venue.  Eventually the government became a corporation providing such benefit at an additional cost.  What was once "Free delivery" is no longer free.


Receiving a benefit from a corporate system or entity makes one a part of that system and obligates one to follow its rules and regulations.


The people were initially free and Sovereign.  Little by little, over a period of time, the free-born people accepted benefits from the corporate system.  Unknowingly, the people have given up their rights as "free born" and become subjects (slaves) to the very system they created and trusted.


CFR:  "CFR" stands for "Code of Federal Regulations"


Advice:  I do not provide any advice but I can only say what I would do in such a given situation or give My opinion or belief.


Traffic tickets:  I believe that having any or all of the following such as a Driver's license, registration and or a license plate on a car obligates one to have current tags, to have to pay traffic fines, and to follow the vehicle code. 


In closing:  I will not say anymore until I receive information from you as to who you are and who you are not.


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Take a look at the following listed web page and discover "The Truth as I See it" about American governance: http://www.USAvsUS.info.  You will find out what they do not want you to know.   This is true with most other countries controlled and manipulated by the One World government elite.
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Hi Very Interesting site I found. 

Does this mean I shouldnt have to pay for postage?


Since July 1st, 1863
Customers receive
"Free delivery"
to any location
having a mailing address or PO Box.

What code is this?

27 CFR Sec 72.11 (4-1-02 Edition)


I found that "it" says the Government Shall not make any thing But silver and gold to pay debts? That would also mean traffic tickets or "taxes/fines"?

Where in the State Constitution can I find that.??


And Have you got any Advice for when I go to court on several tickets for talking on cell phones and not wearing seat belts and no tags on liscense plates??

Thank you for your help


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