Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International


c/o General Delivery, Kamsack, Saskatchewan, Canada (no code, non-commercial)


To: The private woman Catherine Benningacting as the provincial Registrar

Ofthede factoprovince of Saskatchewan.



The Church of the EcumenicalRedemption International

Kamsack Ecclesia

C/o Minister Allen Bennett

General Delivery Kamsack, Saskatchewan, no code non commercial


Dear Catherine, the private woman ,


I as Godís minister and a believer in the gospels of Jesus Christ have had it come to my attention that the Government of Canada combined with the provincial governments have since 1933 been operating de facto.The word de facto, so we are clear with each other, means illegitimate and unlawful.I have no intent to argue or intimidate you by this private communication but rather make you fully aware that our Christian faith is defended by the Queen and is based upon the King James Bible and thatI as Godís minister am the one being intimidated.


We wish you to also be aware that the King James Bible is the rule of law for all commonwealth courts, bearing thecoat of arms of her majesty, and the King James Bible placed with standing at the right of the judge justice or master presiding must be a letters patent version ďcum priviligioĒ to give the court itísauthority.


It because of this ministerial awareness we wish to have a private agreement with you in your private capacity so no assumption of detrimental nature can be acted upon in errorby either of us to the anxiety and damage of either our properties or freedoms.


It is in honor and reflection of our official ministerial performance of our function as Godís ministers to not partake of the false god de facto system and registry created by men of wealth and predetermined gain that I gain thisprivate agreement with you.


It is our hope that after you read this and observe the facts you will see the light and honourable position I am seeking and wish you as well will grasp the intent in the honour I am seeking in respecting my faith in God Jehovahís law.We as Godís ministerís also direct our wish that you will not be encouraged by anyone inclusive of lawyers and the RCMP, who have a long history of distorting the truth, ( we have video taped confessions of RCMP stating that)†† to intimidate us or extort or coerce our Christian ministry to violate thefaith in obeying Godís command.


We welcome your provision of any proof you have of error or omission in the agreement below and your tacit consent will be graciously received should no proof of error in our agreement be forthcoming from you within 20 days time. At that time we will confirm our honor in gaining this ecclesiastical agreement with you by having witnesses signingthis same letter of agreement and covenant of Good Faith and effect service of the confirmed agreement with you to ensure our agreement is accepted and un-rebutted .We will allow three days time past the service date of the witnessed agreement and will post circulate and advertise our private agreement for the benefit of all private men and women involved.


1.It is agreed with no rebuttal to the fact that all the private men and women acting as crown counsel and all provincial lawyers, that may wish to advise you in a public capacity, have by law swornan oath to God to be truly allegiant to the Queen as dejure Christian monarch styled as ďDefender of the FaithĒ and cannot defend or advise private parties using public taxpayer dollars.


2. It is agreed by you with no rebuttal to the fact that any man or woman who takes an oath to a Christian monarchwho does not know the law regardingthe meaning oftheir oath when asked is incompetent to provide the true allegiance as they simply do not know what it is.

3. It is agreed by you with no rebuttal to the fact that corruption is evident and existing within all sectors of government be it municipal provincial or federal and that no man woman or Church can lawfully be compelled to participate with or contractually submit toa corrupt admitted de facto government itís registries or itís agents.


4.It is agreed by you with no rebuttal to the fact that any intimidation by any man or womanto violate my faith based in the King James Bible, as defended by the Queen, is treason upon her majestyís government and is a breach of trust that the oath to God promised tofaithfully provide as found in section 122 of the criminal code of Canada that I make no use of.


5. It is agreed with no rebuttal to the fact that the first commandment of God Jehovah in the King James Bible, as defended by her majesty the Queen, is specifically to not bow to nor serve false godís. Exodus 20:3-5


6. It is agreed, with no rebuttal to the fact, that the eleventh commandment of God in the King James Bibleis to not add to his law nor take away from it. Deuteronomy 4:2 ;12:32


7.It is agreed with no rebuttal to the factthat in a financial relationship the creditor has control over the debtor and that the world bank is the creditor for Canada being the debtor owing in excess of700 billion fiat dollars.


8. It is agreed with no rebuttal to the fact that the World bank, being Canadaís creditor has defined a de facto government, in itís operational policy manual, as being usurped authority as in a coup dťtente, being a military revolution or abrogation of the constitution. It is further agreed that all the law dictionaries of the world define de facto as being unlawful usurped illegitimate authority as opposed to dejure governmentwhich means lawfully formed and ruled.


9. It is agreed with no rebuttal to the fact that the laws in Canada specifically prohibit the act of intimidation to do a thing you have a right to not do and that my faith in Christ cannot be lawfully intimidated..


10. It is agreed with no rebuttal to the factthat I, as a minister of Christ, am officially performing a function of my calling by avoiding the de facto false god registry of the de facto provincial and municipal military style governments as per Exodus 20:3-5 Deuteronomy 4:2;12:32; Matthew 6:24;Acts 5:29; Romans 16:17-20 and Colossians 2:8-22 and by doing so, as Christ directed, practicing my Christian faith unmolested.It is further agreed with no rebuttal to the fact that you now are irrevocablyaware it is a violation of Godís commands and my faith as defended by the Queen to submit the property of the church or my property to a de facto registry.


11. It is agreed and understood with no rebuttal to the fact that Section 423 of the Canadian criminal Code applies to all government employeeís as well as sections 15,19,122 126,176 and 180 of that same code.


12. It is agreed and understood with no rebuttal to the fact that you are with the knowledge that ministers of the Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International cannot, as of our faith to follow God's first command as defended by the Queen, register with de facto government entities.


Here is why in the Ontario Justice department's own  words. 


ď6.5 Special situations of religious organizations

Religious organizations should consider certain issues carefully before incorporating. Governing Law

If a religious organization becomes incorporated, its ecclesiastical, canon or church laws, rules or regulations may be subject to the Corporations Act. This means that if any ecclesiastical, canon or church law, rule or regulations conflicts with the Corporations Act, the organization, once incorporated, must comply with the Corporations Act and will no longer be able to use that law, rule or regulation in administering its affairs.  ď

13.It is agreed with no rebuttal to the fact that registration with dead de facto regimes requires and contracts to provide servitude. We cannot of our faith submit to de facto regimesas it is our contention and belief as Christian ministers that de facto governmentís are false gods andhave no de jure authority !


14. It is agreed with no rebuttal to the fact that Jesus never paid tax to Caesar who had declared himself god, but paid Hebrew temple tax with a coin from a fishes mouth equal to one shekel , being the Hebraic covenanted temple tax tribute for two men himself and Peter.


15. It is agreed with no rebuttal to the fact that Paul in Romans 13 says they are ministers of God three times and that any minister of God when asked of the meaning of his oath will immediately know it is to uphold all of Godís laws as per Ezra 7:25-26


You may wish to see the governor Generalís website where she admits she is de facto. Our governor General is de facto. That means illegitimate.


Rape is a de facto sexual act.†† Marital coitus is a dejure sexual act.

They are both sexual acts of identical physical function.One is lawful one is not.


16.It is agreed with no rebuttal to the fact that a dejure government rules with the Bible or other religious text such as Torah and is lawful as long as no harm befalls the men and women who are subject to that form of government as a result of adding to or taking away from God Jehovahís law.ďLove your brother as yourselfĒ is the golden rule


17. It is agreed with no rebuttal to the fact that these facts are not meant to deceive you but to prove you have been deceived!! Michel Jean admits she is Canadaís de facto head of state. are the definitions `from several law dictionaries to ensure we are not confused.


All de facto fiat money is based in flesh as per Talmud and Leviticus 25, read the whole chapter that is defended by the Queen,.


18.It is agreed with no rebuttal to the fact that the debtor corporation of Canada has beena bankrupt country since 1931 and has had no gold to back the paper money since 1933 when receivership for the creditor, being the world bank,kicked in, and hasbonded the men and women in Canada for 8 million dollars a piece and classified the Bonded men and women as sureties for the debt and as fiduciaries for the legal fiction persons(strawmen) created by provincial and federal statute as per the regulations of the Canadian Ownership Control and determination act of 1982 formerly the Foreign Investment Act of 1933 created by the debtor corporation of Canada.


19. It is agreed that legal fictions are creations of law for the convenience of the court and are done with out gaining permission from the one whose name is being monetised.

R.v. StaufenBCSC 2001


20. It is agreed with no rebuttal to the fact that the debtor commercial corporation of Canada assumes a financial interest in such registrant after the applicant has consented to registry and issues a certificate of Birth, drivers licence, property registration, etc. as the birth certificate resulting from such commercial registry proves, having been printed on Canadian Banknote paper reserved under law for security documents and valuable securities such as currency..

Jubilee of Leviticus 25: is supported by the Levitical high priest being Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor the Queen of the Commonwealth.


You may not have researched this, but to one of faith in Godís law, we are to not ignore knowledge.Hosea 4:6


The creditor makes the commercial rules. The World Bank is the Creditor. The World Bank, Canada's commercial creditor, says defacto is usurped power like under military rule!It is unlawful!


Remember they are the corporate Canadaís creditor and they are a private for profit venture owned by Bankers all having the same religious affiliation using Talmud, fraud and usury to quite literally enslave the nations.


Notice how a usurped de facto government is defined.  Law at the end of a gun!!! 


We also wish to know if you can provide us with the proof as to which legislation of man can abrogate Godís law. Exodus 20:3-5  Numbers 15:15, Deuteronomy 4:2;12:32 Acts 5:29.


19. It is agreed with no rebuttal to the fact that the land which the township of Kamsack is built upon is an Indianreserve that was taken in an unlawful surrender due to fraudulent activities of the minister ofCanadian Indian affairs at the time being 1905 a MinisterSifton, and the township land still lawfullybelongs to the Cote Indians as caretakers of the land for seven generationsas per the treaty with the Queen of 1793.

So, in good faith, we leave you with the Westminster Confession of faith from 1646 section 22. Lawful oaths;. And section 126 from the Canadian criminal code.The Acts?Bills of Exchange Act and the Oaths of Allegiance Act, Royal Styles and Titles Act Statute of Westminster 1931 Confession of Faith Act 1646 and the Coronation Act of 1689 for starters. This act below is from 1778 and the reign of King George the Third and is still on the books as in force law in Canada. Note how it says no tax whatever shall be imposed except for commerce !Commerce is described as the worldly pursuit of wealth for self gain and enrichment. It is also known ecclesiastically as mammon and Christ for-warned us we cannot serve God and Mammon. Matthew 6:24


20. It is agreed with no rebuttal to the fact that we as men and women of the Christian faith and confession are not commercial entities!


XLIII. ''And whereas by an Act passed in the Eighteenth Year of the Reign (1778) of His late Majesty King George the Third, intituled An Act for removing all Doubts and Apprehensions concerning Taxation by the Parliament of Great Britain in any of the Colonies, Provinces, and Plantations in North America and the West Indies; and for repealing so much of an Act made in the Seventh Year of the Reign of His present Majesty as imposes a Duty on Tea imported from Great Britain into any Colony or Plantation in America, or relating thereto, it was declared, that "the King and Parliament of Great Britain would not impose any Duty, Tax, or Assessment whatever, payable in any of His Majesty's Colonies, Provinces, and Plantations in North America or the West Indies, except only such Duties as it might be expedient to impose for the Regulation of Commerce, the net Produce of such Duties to be always paid and applied to and for the Use of the Colony, Province, or Plantation in which the same shall be respectively levied, in such Manner as other Duties collected by the Authority of the respective General Courts or General Assemblies of such Colonies, Provinces, or Plantations were ordinarily paid and applied:'' And whereas it is necessary, for the General Benefit of the Empire, that such Power of Regulation of Commerce should continue to be exercised by Her Majesty and the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, subject nevertheless to the Conditions hereinbefore recited with respect to the Application of any Duties which may be imposed for that Purpose;'' be it therefore enacted, That nothing in this Act contained shall prevent or affect the Execution of any Law which hath been or shall be made in the Parliament of the said United Kingdom for establishing Regulations and Prohibitions, or for the imposing, levying, or collecting Duties for the Regulation of Navigation, or for the Regulation of the Commerce between the Province of Canada and any other Part of Her Majesty's Dominions, or between the said Province of Canada or any Part thereof and any Foreign Country or Stint, or for appointing and directing the Payment of Drawbacks of such Duties so imposed, or to give to Her Majesty any Power or Authority, by and with the Advice and Consent of such Legislative Council and Assembly of the said Province of Canada, to vary or repeal any such Law or Laws, or any Part thereof, or in any Manner to prevent or obstruct the Execution thereof


Note I make no use of mans laws (Ezekiel 33:6)merely provide them for your benefitto show those laws apply to you when at work for the corporate fiction and not to members of our church.  See section 32 of the supreme law of Canada


21.It is agreed with no rebuttal to the fact that the Coronation Ceremony ofQueen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor declares that the Bible is the Royal rule for the government of Christian princes and the Westminster Confession of faith from 1646 still in force law in Canada has, as the whole purpose of the Monarchy, in defending the Christian faith from covetous actions of vain men of commercially minded gain.


22. It is agreed with no rebuttal to the fact that all de facto authorities are impostors and have no sanction from the Queen to intimidate any man or woman from practicing their Christian faith.


23. It is agreed with no rebuttal to the fact that if you ignore this good faith ecclesiastical agreement and proceed to intimidate me while in your de facto capacity that you consent to the fact and admit to be actively and irrefutably involved in a conspiracy to violate my faith in the King James Bible!!


24.It is agreed by you with no rebuttal to the fact you consent to pay me 1 million Dollars $1,000,000.00 in Gold Maple Leaf coinfor the damages to my ability to practice my faith unimpeded and that you will, once our agreement is witnessed and published, provide me the name and address of your liability insurancebond agentto pay for damages due to your intimidation should you choose to break the laws and violate your oath.


25. It is agreed understood and with no rebuttal to the fact that the Sikhís from Quesnel British Columbiasued the RCMP in 1980 and easily recouped $10,000,000.00 for the rejection of one man from RCMP employment as of his faith to wear a turban.


26.It is agreed that the Queen defence of the King James Bible as of oath and duty is decidedly more powerful as standing and defence than the turban.

It is agreed you have seen no prove of any malevolent act from me and hearsay or assumption is not admissible in court.


27.It is agreedwith no rebuttal to the fact that I cannot be forced to violate my faith and register with a false god de facto government!!

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Default Notice

It is agreed with no rebuttal to the fact that the anointed of God Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, will act as witness to our agreement along with three other witnesses to confirm our good faith covenant in 20 days time from your receipt of this contractual agreement that will then be advertised posted and circulated to as many as can benefit from itís honourable position!

Blessings and thank you for honouring the Defence of the Christian Faith


Minister Allen Bennett of the Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International